About Me

Sports, Photography and Journalism have always been my passion.


Photography  has been my passion since childhood, spent a lot of time in darkroom  developing film and processing photos. I started out sometime at age of  8, mostly just being amazed with process and just having fun. At teenage  time started taking photography more seriously and enjoyed great time  with landscape photography. At later time starting working on hockey  games (my favorite sport) and modeling photo shoots. It wasn't long till  passion started becoming work. Below I wrote my most notable endeavors  in media business.

1998 - LATVIAN NATIONAL TELEVISION  First gig in industry was a grand slam - straight in National  Television in my native Latvia. First came head editor and reporter  position for weekly football show "Futbola Apskats" (Football Review),  which was produced in collaboration with Latvian Football Association.  After that followed switch to weekly sports show "100% Sporta Apskats"  (100% Sports Review), as football editor and reporter. Loved every  minute of it, until I moved to America.

2003 - FREELANCE AND DAILY NEWSPAPER DIENA  Taking still images is as exciting as video.  In 21st century came time  for digital photography. Got my first professional grade digital SLR,  and started freelance photographer and reporter career. My most  important work was done with biggest Latvian daily newspaper "Diena". I  was providing photo and written material of Latvian athletes in North  American sports leagues and events.

Also i did enjoy good working  relationship with Latvian hockey website hockey.lv which published  great amount of my articles and photos.

2005 - HOCKEY MAGAZINE HOKEJA VESTNESIS  Feeling energy and having abundance of material to publish, registered  in Latvia it's first specific hockey magazine "Hokeja Vestnesis". After  rocky start and little delay first issue was released in August of 2005.  All together there were four issues in print and ten in electronic  format. Hardship to find advertisers limited possibility to continue  with project. In 2007 work was concentrated on website. In 2009 was made  decision to close website and project, leaving room to reopen at later  time.

2007 - JANSONS MEDIA LLC PRESSPHOTO AGENCY  Current project still ongoing, changing form and evolving. Agency is  working with a lot of freelance photographers from all around the globe.  Working on many big events. Photos were published in many websites,  newspapers and magazines. Most notable was cooperation with Canadian  hockey magazine "The Hockey News" and Latvian News Agency LETA.